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1st Realty & Loan Associates is a trusted real estate and loan agency with 30 years history in Colorado dedicated to providing the very highest level of service to our customers.

At 1st Realty & Loan Associates, professional agents respond quickly to your preferences. We provide fast and accurate services for your real estate to get the maximum exposure to potential buyers through online and offline real estate advertisements. 

Our loan services provide a variety of services ranging from short-term loans required for business to secured loans.




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Finding your Colorado dream home is no longer just a dream!

Team up with a trusted partner, 1st Realty & Loan Associates, to make your dreams of owning your own Colorado home come true. Buying a home is the most secure and safest way to increase your assets, and we will support you through that exciting journey.









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Your reviews and testimonials mean a lot. 1st Realty & Loan Associates will continue to work hard to keep our customers happy.

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Leave it to a professional listing agent.

Listing specialists at 1st Realty & Loan Associates offer variety of services for busy sellers and we always strive to sell at the best price in the least amount of time.

Looking for a way to get the best price and sell it quickly?
Tommy Yoon can help you find the way! 

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